Or, they know the currency is going to be trashed soon and need to stock up. Hyperinflation will result in a messed up supply chain. The military and law force need to be maintained, no matter what circumstances are coming. I have some gold and food stocked up. Heck, I even have 900 rounds that I meant to use for practice. It is perfectly rational to make sure you have ammo. Katrina and the LA riots demonstrated that, no?

Our country has also "saved up" a huge supply of food. With one executive order, all that corn we put into our cars can be used for international trade and domestic consumption.

We will need lots of fuel as well if we are unable to import enough. Well, we are frackin' digging like crazy for gas and oil all using borrowed, imaginary money. When capital is gone for new wells, at the least the old wells will be producing for some time.

The government and gurus have all said borrow as much as you can and buy a house. We all blame the government/banks for the problems. Well, we have a lot of houses now, and we may just need them if there is no capital to build new ones for years.

Bubbles in fiber & Internet. Bubbles in housing. Bubbles in oil and gas exploration. Bubbles in agriculture. And, now the greatest bubble of all is blowing up... Healthcare.

Food, shelter, medical care, energy. If you knew the shit was going to hit the fan, would you not direct policy to those items? Imagine if all debts were extinguished? We will still have what we will need to survive.