I got such great advice here about e-readers that I thought I'd ask you guys about VOIP.

I'm thinking of keeping my DSL with CenturyLink but dropping my landline in favor of VOIP.

For what I'm currently paying now for DSL and a phone line with no features, I could get VOIP with features like Caller ID and Call Forwarding, plus afford a cellphone with ting.com for emergency use.

Is anyone here using VOIP? If so, how do you like it? What's good about it, what's bad about it? Did you port your phone number?

What providers have you used and how do you like their service? Are calls clear? How's the reliability?

What equipment do you use to connect?

Google Voice is free (for now), but I'm concerned about Google data mining and privacy issues. Vonage is expensive but gets good reviews. By any chance does anyone here have experience with Vitelity, Flowroute.com or voip.ms?

What haven't I asked that I should know about?