If i might also add, I watched the 80's bubble burst here in Blighty about late 89. A bloke came on TV and said "Soft landing"......5 months later i was on the dole que.

The Maddness of the 80's suddenly caught up with itself, Art prices crashed but the best example was the Jag XK220.

This was a short number run mid engined Jag, there had been a screeming que just to get their names down for them.........most of these people were simply "Flippers" who made BIG cash by ordering then selling off New model Porsches and BMW's.

Sadly the Jag arrived LATE thus the crash HAD come and the market GONE. I remember reading in "Autocar" the tale of the Bloke who's job it was to sell them.

"We ring up the bloke and say....."Your car's ready sir"........Only to be met with a long pause!"

History WILL repeat