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Along those lines, you do not actually "own" your life, you just "rent" it from the government -- taxes, driver's license, other requirements.

If you view property taxes as paying for desireable services -- schools, roads, etc. -- then it's a resonable arrangement, as long as there is no or little corruption. However, I think they should only tax income and/or sales, not property. Take an old widower who owns a house but no longer works and has only retirement income . . . seems like she should be exempt from property taxes.
The key word there is corruption. Go to Northern Illinois and look how much the Forest Preserve takes in property taxes for a bunch of trees that pretty much maintain themselves. The money is not for trees, it is for administration and high pension and retirement costs for mostly needless workers given patronage jobs.

Go look at the taxes on farmland. They are rarely if ever very high.