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They think the crown has the people's interests at heart; just like Obama.

Kings and queens bring sorrow and war upon their people. The UK is the leader of this backward thinking. The sheeple follow.

Take a look at almost all countries with 'royalty'... they are all shite and getting worse.

To UKers out there... Americans can't wait for the day when you retake your homeland from these worthless scum. Otherwise, continue to enjoy your poverty and declining world status. Wipe the king's ass with your unemployment papers. Go to war over some royal piece of dirt in SA. Worship your queen!

The USA famously has their corporatocracy, with the revolving door between politics and big finance, etc.
In Europe there are many countries where the Royalty have traditionally been part of this elitist class of big money. They are going nowhere except if they let themselves be forced out by angry citizens (same for problems with 'democracy' in the US). Mind you that European countries without royalty are not necessarily any less corrupt... France's political class (and its inner embrace of big companies belonging to friends) is very much like aristocracy too. I've seen some quite damning examples of it since arriving here last July. In that regard corruption probably is less of a problem in 'symbolic' kingdoms like some countries in Scandinavia.