I approach my personal ag investment as a business, not a lifestyle or a fantasy. The biggest part is getting quality land at a cheap price. I have found that investing in Uruguay has an exceptionally good bonus you would never find in the US -- property information at times is very opaque and thus pricing can be rather random. The most expensive (fully loaded) land I have purchased has cost me around $5k USD, the least around $3.3k USD. All of it could be sold today for at least $5k USD per ha with some more. But beyond that, as I am not wedded to buying large tracts in a place like the US, I can get good "deals" on smaller parcels all within a few miles of each other. By keeping acquisition costs down, I am able to keep returns up. THAT is key to this business. Meanwhile, I easily meet or beat avge US harvests in soybeans and wheat, and do it on land that in the US would cost me $6500-10K per acre.

It might be nice to have a 'hobby farm' of 10 acres, but I would never seriously entertain all the work of doing animals of any kind.