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I hope you had a Patricia Beer.
In fact I did, though the price wasn't really so much cheaper at the places I was in than some imports. At the 'cerveceria' in downtown MVD, a regular sized beer was 30 UY$ vs. 100 for a 1 liter Stella Artois - roughly comparable in price/volume terms.

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Does everyone wear perfume there- more than in the States? Or are the ads mostly to entice tourists to buy duty-free perfume?
I did not notice any particularly strong use of perfume, though I didn't engage in any activities where I would be exposed to this.

The ads I saw for such things - perfume, fancy consumer goods, etc were mostly on the roads near tourist areas and/or leading to Punta del Este, as such might be targeted as the visiting rich Argentinians and what not.

The malls I did visit were primarily busy in the shoe stores. For some reason these were all packed; the malls were busy in expected mall times, but the shops weren't at all full with the above exception as well as the Wal-Mart/Target equivalents.
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Do people smoke indoors in public places like restaurants and office buildings?
I did not see any indoor smoking, but many bars and restaurants have an outdoor area. I did see signs at a few places says "no smoking near doors", so there may well be a law. I also did see some people come out specifically to smoke from office buildings.