Are there differences between the two candidates and what might they do to MY life.

Since Romney's chances of election have gone up, the stock market has gone down. There will probably be more of this until Romney realizes his beloved FIRE economy needs government deficits to survive. If he is elected, the stock market will suffer for a period of time while 'austerity' is tried here.

I have money in the stock market. Obama would be better for me.

On the other hand, I think our chances of more war in the Middle East are much higher with Romney. That will cause instability. That will be good for gold prices. Also, a trigger for a bond crisis might come closer. In other words, I think Romney will bring us closer to an "event".

I own gold. If it rose a lot I would be happy. I think Romney has a better chance of giving me a "pop" at some point.

Mortgages: I think Romney may gum up the works for some time with attempts at austerity. Mortgage rates will be volatile. We may get some better rates when the economy slows down. With Obama, I expect more of the same. I would like to buy a house in the spring or summer. I am not sure I want to gamble on another drop in rates. Obama wins there.

Oil prices: I like them high so my commute to work is smooth. I think there will be a tendency for even higher gas prices with Romney because of the extra war premium. In addition, oil price and gold price appear to be correlated. So, I like Romney.

Defense: They will both spend too much. It seems to be irrelevant to my life.

Social Stuff: Government should stay out of my life. --> Obama is better than Romney in this regards.
Religion is dangerous. If Romney continues the religious direction of government, I expect a lot more social unrest. Again, this is good for gold prices.

Taxes: I do not make the magical $250K per year, so I expect to pay the same in taxes. I expect Romney will not change things much. I expect Obama will avoid taxing me more as well.

Education: Whatever the central government does not give my state, I expect to have to make up for in taxes. I would prefer the status quo. Obama will do that. Romney might close the Dept of Education.

Healthcare: I have insurance through my work. It has remained relatively stable (my costs). I expect Obamacare to blow the budget. It will hasten my golden day. Romney will try (and fail) to change things. I think he will just cause confusion and I am afraid it will affect me.


For the country:

We need a national healthcare system that works, at half the cost. Obamacare will so blow-away the budget, I think they will be forced to come up with a better system. There are many good examples across the planet that we can adopt and "Americanize". This will only happen when things fall apart. Obamacare gets us there quickly.

Obama may keep us out of another trillion dollar war. I like where defense is headed right now; more drones, less soldiers. Romney reminds me of Martin Sheen in The Dead Zone.

I'd like Romney to win so when things continue to get worse, it will become clear that our 2 parties are a joke. That may move the country forward.