There have been some advances in minimally invasive surgery and imaging I would hate to give up. I had an emergency appendectomy two years ago and was up and walking the next day. MRI images of my son's body led to a diagnosis and therapy. But ... I do agree too much of end life stuff. Both my parents died of cancer. My mom went for the agressive surguries and chemo only to spend the last months of her life sick, emaciated, and puking. My dad said "I'm not going through with that"
and just let death come. When my time comes, I think I will go the 80/20 rule. Try something simple if it don't work Lord have mercy on my soul. I just hope my kiddles are indepent when the day comes, and I get to hold one grand child.

The costs are way out of control. My apendectomy was billed to insurance at 50K. 40 years ago, I probably would have been cut clear across my abdomen and been
bed ridden for a week and been in a lot of pain. I bet the bill would be closer to 5K. 45K for a week off of work and a little pain. Maybe it would be worth it.