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Thread: Are There Any Incredibly Rich People Fighting FIRE?

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    "..all of you wealthy ol' farts...."

    well... one outa 2 aint bad.... ;)

    i draw a distinction between those who either inherited their fortunes, or aquired them thru politically-connected/crony-capitalist means and those that were able to amass wealth through their own inventiveness/ingenuity/industrious pursuit (vs ruthless/reckless and ne-FIRE-rious criminal behavior or activity)

    the first is reason enuf for 'confiscatory' rates of taxation on inheritence... (else within a few gens a few families would own EVERYTHING - while of course some kind of max limit on this is reasonable, but certainly not ALL exempt)

    and the second is why - or so i thot - we have a dept of 'justice' (which during this current term has been as useful as tits on a bull...)

    but make no mistake, 'the rich' - at least the ones who arent power-hungry, manipulative pricks - arent all bad - some of them actually do give back most of what they made to society, in some way or another.

    and if they were/are able to amass a fortune - while doing the right thing - for their fellow earthling - then more power to em.

    so i dont begrudge em.... well... maybe some i do.
    esp them that decide they know better than us mere mortal workin stiffs - on how we should act/vote, what kind of car we should be driving, what we should be eating or where/how/what kind of house we ought to live in.

    just one kinda ol' fart's .02
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