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Solar power occupies a huge area, and absorbing all that sunlight must have some impact on the ecology of the region.

Wind power seems to have the least impact of anything.
Well so long as you don't count birds, bats, or trees and anything living in them, then you're right that wind power is low impact. Some (intellectually dishonest) people point out that birds suffer far more from the existing electricity grid than they do from existing wind power, and therefore it should be no problem to birds to expand the power. Yet it is the transmission lines, of which you will need far, far more when utilizing wind power, that make the existing electrical grid dangerous to birds. Wind turbines themselves both strike and kill by proximity the birds and bats that happen to approach--which is exactly what birds, at least, tend to do to tall things. This, combined with the fact that every tree for miles must be clear-cut in order to boost the wind turbine's efficiency to usability, means that wind turbines can in effect be considered great bird-clearing devices. Imagine the effect on squirrels of harvesting all the nuts of the trees in the park, and then installing "power nuts" in that same area to generate electricity. However, the threat of wind turbines is not just from strikes or low pressure, as the mere presence of tall structures in areas otherwise devoid of them (such as the plains of Oklahoma) can reduce the habitat of some species, especially the Greater Prairie Chicken which instinctually flees any area that has trees or other tall places for birds of prey to watch from. Mao Zedong would be proud of our government-sponsored anti-bird campaign!