One of our resident mathematicians just revealed that he's also a BASKET WEAVER. I never would have guessed! It got me wondering what other hidden talents we have lurking here. I'm curious to know what people at iTulip can do.

Let's start a resource list. Maybe we'll discover shared interests or experts in fields we've always wondered about. I'll get the ball rolling:

Nine years secretary for a property management company. I'm their Radar O'Reilly.

Hobbies: Growing Old Garden Roses. Building computers. Learning the viola. Cooking. Writing. Natural medicine. Studying everything.

Some things I've done for a living:

Owned and operated a retail gift/magic/costume shop
Yarn dyer and skeiner
Designed and glazed tile murals
Bronze sculptures, wax dressing
Online Natural Perfume store
Website development/SEO

Studied Hakomi Therapy.

What do you not see here? Economic education. None whatsoever. Obviously.

See, I've set the bar really low. Your turn!