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    yeah, al has a lotta dang gall telling the rest of us how we ought to conserve (considering the little shacks he lives in) and i dont care how one slices/dices and spins it with LEED/'green' building techniques, 8,9,10000sqft+ houses WILL NEVER BE 'GREEN'

    our numbers in a 1000sqft shack: altho i got the KWH's down as low as 150 or so, using propane to cook, heat water, dry clothes (appx 8gals/mo avg), had to start using a heatpump and dehumidfier for both heating and cooling in an effort to keep the dust/mold outside from blowing in the windows - so that has appx doubled the KWH's to appx 300/mo (peaking at 360 or so, during the 'winter' (cost of all this is fairly staggering out here tho vs over there in 'america', since we're paying .44/kwh and propane is still 4.75 (after peaking at appx 5.25-5.50)

    could use perhaps a bit less propane (if i could convince the S/O that she doesnt need hot water every session at the sink and that just because something gets worn for a few hours doesnt mean it needs to be washed, but hey that doesnt mean its a bad thing, esp when she does most of the cooking/cleaning and not like i have much of a say in any of that, anyway... ;) - and could cut the KWH's quite bit, but for the stuff that blows in the windaz when they're open - but keeping the interior 30points dryer than outside is a BIG plus, so its worth paying for - if the cost/benefit ratio was better on solar, i'd be all over it, but i'm up in the clouds too much (oh and yeah, there's the weather too ;)

    on the transport side, since my biz involves travel to the customer's site, i do burn more fuel than i'd like, altho my ride does get 30mpg (altho gasoline has just/finally dropped below 4bux/gal in some places) - the other primary factor is that living on an island does result in lots of jetfuel (and bunker oil for ocean freight) - but i'm working on both of those (as i'm getting tired of the airports, island hopping and the whole thing with the TSA etc)
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