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1) Sell gold right before the collapse, and immediately buy things of value -- houses, tractors, land, anything "real" that won't lose value during the crash. This would be hard to time, but after the crash the government might pass nasty laws dealing with gold ownership, so this could be the safest move.

2) Hold the gold until after the monetary system crashes, then trade it for "real" stuff.

3) When the world economy recovers, sell the gold for the new fiat, which will hopefully be stabilized and worth something, then invest the fiat.

I like a modified version of door number one. Buy stuff that is useful in the material world. If one has not started yet, begin to shed metals for real assets that offer a return. For me, this asset is real estate. Non-fancy, bank owned, neglected real property in good neighborhoods. It's not something one is going to make a killing on but this asset is the poor step child of assets seven years after it was king. It feels a bit like metals in 2000 and it's local. I can leverage some of it against crazy low interest rates on a currency that has few chances of succeeding long term. During this quiet period before new financial storms land, it's a good time to position assets into productive, non speculative areas. Assets you can touch, used by people you trust. That is the most important investment meme over the next several decades. Be smart, be careful, be local.