When I was in grade school I remember getting only two or three vaccines, and they were not given together, or even on the same day. In fact, I think they were given in different years. In 1999 I was the recipient of a kidney transplant, and I was advised to always get a flu vaccine. Every year I got one, and every year I got sick after getting it. About five years ago I stopped taking the vaccine, and started improving my diet and taking certain supplements. I'm healthier now, and when I get the occasional cold it's less severe to the point I can usually ignore it.

Given the fact that it may take years, or even several generations for the harmful effects of MIRV'ed vaccines and other environmental insults to make themselves completely manifest in the population, one has to wonder about the motivations for the police state actions of the FDA when it comes to enforcing their "guidelines" which have as their primary goal the enriching of the drug industry. Perhaps Bill Gates has provided the answer in this article.


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