Da Bear Report
October Edition

J.P. Morgan: "Gold is money. That's it."

Gold is just coming off multi-year highs. The US dollar is just coming off all-time lows. See the difference? Gold hit my target high price at right around 77.62 on the index. About a week or so ago I thought the index would bottom at 77.77, and that friday before I thought it, the USD hit 77.62 and has gone up pretty much since then. So I am sticking by the 77.62 as the big dollar low.

joe black put out a good thread on the buck. but not much volume. My "gold target price of $750" thread that I put up on April 19 and recently resurrected hasn't had much volume either.

The 777 numbers have been significant before. Exactly five years ago (as I write this) the S&P 500 made its bear market intraday low of 768.67 with an opening price of 776.76, an intraday high of 806.48 and a close price of 803.92.

link: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/int...x=20&draw.y=17

The S&P 500 has not visited those lows since. It has recently matched its old highs, five years later.

In 1982 --25 years ago -- the Dow Jones made a low of 784, and after that, kicked off a its largest, longest bull market of all-time.
In fact, in "Conquer the Crash" Robert Prechter said the 1982 low was 777 (maybe an intraday low?). here is a link to another article stating that the 1982 DJIA low (a major bear market low, leading to a major secular bull market) was also 777.

link: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/econo...cks_10-15.html

So the 777 level has marked two very big significant lows in the past 25 years. One was the last significant low before the The Great Stock Market Mania that began in 1982. The other, of course, marked the beginning of the Great Sucker's Rally.

Also, the date of 7-7-7 was rumored to have been a suspected terrorist attack date. and if you play around with the numbers the terrorist attack in India on 07-07- 2005 equaled 777 (2+0+0+5=7).

A dollar low near the 77.77 level on the dollar index (which I privately called a few days later) would be another significant low, perhaps as equally important as the 1982 low in the DJIA and the S&P 500 low in 2002.

As we have seen, the S&P 500 had a big low five years ago, and the Dow had a major low in 1982-- 25 years ago. And 10 years ago marked the Asian contagion stock market crisis. Asian stocks got killed after having been in big bubbles, and, at least temporarily, American stocks got hit. Fast forward ten years later and Asian stock markets are roaring. bullnotbull.com has a link to an article on how India, China, South Korean, and Philippines stock markets all hit all-time highs.
(link: http://canadianpress.google.com/arti...hD-Y-l3hOcIEsQ)

History could repeat itself. Again. But that is what makes history history.
Though Mark Twain said that history doesn't repeat, it rhymes. But even rhymes repeat. Eventually.

50 years ago was 1957 (Da Bear Does Math). And in 1957, according to Lyndon LaRouche, economist, political analyst, nut case, the American economy had a recession. In fact, LaRouche said he predicted it. But heck, even I could predict that LaRouche said he predicted the 1957 recession, that may or may not have existed. Perhaps it existed for Mr. LaRouche. I have no way of knowing. But I do know this, Lyndon LaRouche hasn't had a real job since at least 1957 so he may be on to something. Laughing

In Lyndon LaRouche's own words (LaRoucheSpeak):

"I was looking at the situation, 1955-1956, in the automobile and other industries in the United States, and I said, "This has come to an end. We're going to have, by early 1957, the deepest recession of the post-war period." And in February 1957, we had the deepest recession of the post-war period."

from the link here: http://www.rolf-witzsche.com/peace/g..._forecast.html

Oly3006 likes for me to give citations and whatnots so I give you citations and whatnots! Oh, and that LaRouche quote is from what I would like to title "Lyndon LaRouche: Lyndon LaRouche Talking About Lyndon Larouche in Lyndon LaRouche's Own Words."

Here is more on LaRouche's Recession of 1957 (A recession which may or may not have applied only to the honorable Lyndon LaRouche):

"At a later point, during my repeated, 1952-1953 rereading of the opening paragraphs of Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation with the subject of physical economy in mind, my earlier work in arriving at a thesis refuting Wiener (and, similarly, John von Neumann) for economics, came into focus. In the leisure imposed by a process of convalescence from a serious bout with hepatitis, I had my "Eureka" experience; I acquired a sure-footed sense of my special competence as an economist, a competence which was later demonstrated in my first general forecast on the economy, which I made several years later, in 1956

The first working forecast actually made by me on the basis of those studies, which was made during 1956, took shape when I insisted to my rather astonished, and chiefly disbelieving colleagues of that occasion, that we, as consultants to business firms, must foresee a major U.S. recession to erupt approximately February of 1957.[7] That forecast collapse into recession came on time, and for the reasons I had forecast. The effects of my success as a forecaster were much disliked in those circles. Obviously, my doubts of the wisdom of the automobile industry had not caused that recession; but, it is not atypical of the perils of the successful forecaster, that for some associates and others, I must nonetheless be blamed, emotionally, for the effects which reality, not I, had created and delivered to their doorsteps. The typical poor fellow clung to his earlier delusion about the economy, by saying of me, "He talked us into a recession!"

link: http://databank.worldbank.org/data/home.aspx/lar/2005/...e_prosper.html

Apparently, the USA went into a post-war recession after our credit-driven consumption boom ended. we bought cars. we had no need to buy more cars. Lyndon LaRouche discovers this perplexing oddity of economics. We stopped buying cars. LaRouche Recession begins in 1957. LaRouche never gets a real job again. 2007 rolls around, like the new models of cars did in 1958 (Americans likie cars! LaRouche LaRecession over in 1958!), and Lyndon LaRouche still ain't got no jobbie job. 50 year LaRouche Depression ongoing...

And now we go back in the way back machine to 1932 which was 75 years ago, which was a long time ago in those days. Peter Elaides has talked before about the 75 year bottom to top cycle before. the DJIA made its all-time low of 41 in July of 1932, so he has been expecting a really important top here-- 75 years later. in late July it appeared that the Dow Jones may have made that top nearly exactly 75 years later, but after the sell-off the Dow once again broke past 14,000 and into marginally higher all-time highs. But this may be the last top. Tuesday was a down day after a few big up days, and let's see what happens on Wednesday and from here on out.

This could be the high for the Dow as the dollar made its low, in my opinion, and gold hit my target price of $750 and has sold off some since then. As we all know, all asset markets have moved together over the last few years so a mult-year high here for gold and an impending decline along with highs in american stocks facing an impending decline are highly probably. also, Asian stocks have been roaring and could sell off heavily.

An all-time dollar low means that the dollar will move up from here --at least for awhile. that, along with the housing crash and credit crunch will put downward deflationary pressure on stocks, and, for a time, gold as well.

October is a bad month for stocks historically speaking, but a great month for crashes historically speaking.

The famous October crash of 1987 was in October, and, uh, in 1987. that was twenty years ago, with Greed Gone Wild and a sinking dollar making traders nervous.

I am calling for a crash this fall. and october is as good a fall month for a fall as any.

Like Oct. 1987 the four year cycle was stretched out and it took a while for the low to come.

Today, we are in October and the four year cycle low hasn't hit yet.

The Dow just now coming off its all-time high, along with gold coming off its multi-year high and the dollar coming off its all-time low very recently would fit in perfectly for a big deflationary shock RIGHT HERE.

any target days for a crash you ask? well, October 26th could be a target for a heavy volume big down day for a friday. and the following monday would be October 29. An October '29 style crash on October 29th would be just the trick to get sucker bulls out of the stock market for years to come. that is exactly what makes a secular bear market a bear market (lack of buyers. duh.), and what sets the groundwork for a secular bull market (lack of sellers. duh again.).

Which brings me to the granddaddy of anniversaries. The Panic in 1907 occurred in (you guessed it boys and girls!) 1907. that was one hundred years ago. and was a huge crash precipitated by a credit crunch. the Big Boys (JP Morgan and crooks) wanted to induce a speculative boom then a big crash to bring on its baby, the Federal Reserve Bank.


Fast forward 100 years later and stocks look precarious, and credit is contracting. and "they" want their new baby, the North American Union with a new central bank and a new currency (the Amero).

so lookout for that.

Police State State of the Day: Stupidity... lots of that going around.

Police State Deadly Incident At a School Not Involving a Taser Incident of the Day:

Police: Suspended boy shoots 4 at Ohio school


Police State Dyslexic Newspaper Headline of the Day: "Innocent Man Tasers Fat, Jackboot Thug Cop!"

Police State Krispy Kreme Quote of the Day:

KKD is $3.85, down 37 cents or 8.77% with a volume of 1,739,800 shares, which equals 144,983.33 dozen.

link: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/qui...mb=kkd&x=0&y=0

Police State Taser Quote of the Day:

TASR finished the day at $17.99, down 82 cents or 4.36% on a shocking volume of 3,025,802.

link: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/qui...time=8&x=0&y=0

Other Police State Quotes of the Day:

"I'm not against the POLICE; I'm just afraid of them." -- Alfred Hitchcock

"The atom bombs are piling up in the factories, the POLICE are prowling through the cities, the lies are streaming from the loudspeakers, but the earth is still going round the sun." -- George Orwell

"Fuck Tha Police" -- N.W.A.

Shallow Thoughts by Da Bear...

Gold hit my target high of $750 and sold off a little. a cyclical bear here would shake off some weak longs...

but in a fiat global casino debt binge threatened by debt deflation how may strong longs are out there?

bin Bernanke is still trying to liquidate as the flood approaches. should he keep on trying to liquidate or should he do something else...

the dollar is trying to make a comeback. why? because it is really low and it is the contrarian thing to do. the fundamentals suck but it is just as sucky and papery as all the other sucky, papery fiat currencies out there...

In the land of the blind a seeing-eye dog is Stevie Wonder's best friend.

America! You can't leave it, so you might as well love it.

Why did the dollar rise. cuz it has nowhere to go but up. i mean, thanks to Patriot Act 33.3, it can't even leave the ******* country. so it can't go down to south of the border. or even down south to the country south of our border. (which would be another country that sends us its third string third world thugs). and it can't go sideways, to, um, the Bermuda Triangle because even a Swiss Franc taped to a Walking Liberty silver dollar strapped to a 24 karat gold toilet couldn't make it out of that place alive. so obviously the roll of toilet paper beside the 24k gold toilet wouldn't hold up too well in the dangerous Bermuda Triangle.

but the dollar hit bottom. because, hell, Canada is smoking (can't go there), Eurostan is on fire, Asia is red hot, and mexico is muy expensivoso to most busted ass Americans... so new American slogan is...

USA: Where shitty third world currencies take a vacation.

it ain't much. but it's our paper. and to conclude this awkdward diatribe on the dollar i will distort to catchy slogans: What happens in America, don't leave home without it.

Dubya, our commander of chief, the dictator of the free world, head of the world's only remaining former superpower, declared a new initiative on global warming. a War on Warm. i guess he thought it was a no brainer. no that initiative isn't a no-brainer. the no-brain president is a no-brainer. so the weather kicks bush's ass and gets real hot. (dubya 0, dubya's opponents infinity). chicago breaks records. runner dies in the chicago marathon. that guy loses. da bear run run wins? just goes to show you have to run early or don't run at all, especially when it is really hot. that's just not smart.

Chicago Bears come back to win the other night? a good omen for bearishness? the NY Yankees lose! Rudie Julie Annie attends game, probably mad. probaby wants to blow something up...

Like thermite mixed with micro-nukes on top of chargers placed in the basement, Mr. 9-11's campaign is heating up and about to get explosive!

If Rudie Julie Annie wins the Presidency, or, uh, however they do it these days (a game of paper-rock-scissors-skull-bones?), he vows to bring 9-11 to 911 cities in 911 days.

America: the place, the nation state. the bush sentence (uh, mer,eh, ...cuh)

give us your weak dollar, your dodgers of taxes, and cheap labor to build us a statue of liberty!

America! graveyard of true patriots, birthplace of the Patriot Act!

America: not America since 1913.

dollar index bottomed. FRN did not b/c Fed will crash and burn... as it should. dollar backed by gold, silver, the american people. Fed is illegitimate, unlawful...

Ted Butler: Silver will outperform every investment! Even silver!

link to graph by Ted Butler showing huge silver short position: http://www.investmentrarities.com/

like the swinging door at a George W. Bush group sex party, silver goes both ways!

it's an investment. its savings. its an industrial application, its money. its legal its lawful but you cant own it in tough times so its illegal. it can go up to infinitiy but it cant go down to infinitiy. it is real money but it is also fake money. it is cheaper than gold but more highly valued. silver is too cheap, no one has any of it anymore.


Silver: the Jerry Seinfeld comedy shtick of metals...

Support your local coin shop. go there and buy, uh, coins. preferably gold and silver coins. or whatever it is coins are made out of. gold, silver, copper, nickel, zinc. be careful those shiny coin looking things may be chocolate. chocolate coins made out of gold? gold coins made out of chocolate? gold coins that taste like chocolate?

a few weeks ago i was calling for a bank run for September 11th and a coin shop run for September 12th. gold really had a nice run up into its $750 highs from that point. someone listened...

LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE! Nifty silver charts by nifty richiedoc!

link to nifty silver charts by nifty richiedoc: http://omencity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2801#2801

Investment Rarities is a bigger gold and silver business that does a lot of business, and puts out great reports to boot! visit investmentrarities.com.

They make a great case for silver. And silver makes a great case for money.

Implod-O-Meter at 161!

link: http://ml-implode.com/

And introducing the Ohi-O-Meter, the link from a search of "Ohio" on ml-implode.com.

... including this Ohio-O-Meter gem: "Ohio threatens ratings lawsuit" --
(globalpensions.com) from August 7, 2007.

link: http://ml-implode.com/viewnews/2007-...gslawsuit.html

Da Bear On Gold and the Confederacy:

You can't beat Gold.
Heck, most of Vangel's favorite junior mining gold companies can't even find Gold. Laughing Laughing Laughing

gold hit $730 an ounce last year, then corrected and backed and filled for a year or so. then it hit $750, my target high for gold, and sold off some. so there is overhead resistance up there.

My cyclical bear market low target price for gold remains $450 an ounce to $550 an ounce. A decline to $550 would be a 26.6% decline. A decline to $450 an ounce for gold would be a 40% decline (close to 38.2%). A similar decline in silver of 26.6% would take the other precious metal with a price of around $13.50 today down to $9.91. A 40% decline would take silver down to $8.10. The $9 level for silver, by the way, marked the price right before it really started to take of in 2006...

Last May gold went above $700 for the first time since 1980 or so, then it sold off and hung around $666. it hit $730 or so, pretty much the initial rebound high in gold after the first sell-off after gold's all-time 1980 high.

Gold went down from $730 to $550 then went up to $666 where it churned for awhile, then the quick bull run from about $680 into the $750 high.

for a long time i said that $666 was significant for gold and if it went higher than that it would be a bull market still with a price of $750 an ounce in sight, and if it went lower it would mark the start of a bear market. I think that $700 is the new $666, and once gold breaks that level on the downside ($700) it would begin the final leg of a swift correction down to perhaps the last great golden buying opportunity in gold (target price of $450 or $550). those target prices for gold would just mean that deflation has taken over and the credit crunch is worsening, also setting up another great bull rally for gold (as well as silver).

... in the last great bull market in gold in the seventies, gold went up huge for a few years then crashed in '74 or '75 from a high of $200 down to $100. after that correction gold really took off. so i am looking for a repeat of that. but this time its a part of a Kondratieff winter instead of a K-cycle summer. in the next bull run in gold, the yellow metal could once again become money.

Cash and gold are the only plays here. Euro looks over-bought so watch out. Nobody likes dollars, nobody wants dollars, but everyone needs dollars, and soon, everyone won't be able to do without dollars. so get some.

Gold is great too. it has been money, and will be money again. but mainly buy physical metal. b/c GLD is a paper asset, as are HUI and CEF.
owning physical metal is the only way you can call having gold as savings. the rest is speculation.

In the Book of Revelations (Chapter 3, verse 1Cool it says: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich;"

at some point, gold will have a sudden, swift, cyclical bear market that should shake out a few gold bugs. it will catch a few off the weak hands off guard. but don't sleep on gold! don't be a gold bed bug! because gold will rise again! like the South. only it really will rise, and will not just be a corny red-neck slogan filled with empty fightin' words.

but the South could rise again. especially if the Union sinks or falls on its ass. if the North American Union takes over, the Confedddduuuuuussseeee will rise again!

but enough about that. let's talk about silver. nah, on second thought i think i may have a decent joke re: da south.

ok, ok. here it goes: i was thinking the other day. what was the last real war that Uh-merica won? and i said to myself, "self we are gittin the shit kicked out of us in Iraq. we ain't winnin that. we are in Afghanistan. we aren't gonna win nuthin there. cuz there aint nothing there to win there. plus, we killed pat tillman. that was dumb. i may not be a genius but i doubt our game plan for Afghanistan was "assassinate your NFL star golden boy." but maybe it wuz. maybe he was supposed to go down. maybe he was a terrorrrrisssttt. well then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

and we had that Persian Gulf War. did we get any land? nope. did we get any oil? nope. did we get Saddam? nope. so we didnt get much there either. and besides, if shooting innocent, weaponless, defenseless people in the backs counted as a victory then i guess we "won" Kent State and Waco too...

Cold War wasn't a real war. and we didn't really win it either.

Vietnam. next.

Korea. nope. we didnt win shit. i think we declared a draw. and hell, Hyundai is kicking our ass now.

WW2. won it. what did we win? well, un nuthin. the So-vee-utts got lots of land, and Europe and Japan got rebuilt.

WW1. we got WW2 and we didnt win much there...

so basically the last war that America has decisively won was the Civil War. and it was against us. so we beat ourselves. America beat America.
that just means that George Orwell wrote America's Guide to Military Victory. that's all it means.

silver is the metal that gets no respect. it is the Rodney Dangerfield of metals. if Rodney Dangerfield was money that is.

gold hit new highs. but silver didnt. it is the NASDAQ of metals. i think silver needs to stay above $13. if it goes below that, it will mark a bear market for silver.

Da Bear On Jobs: the jobs numbers are faked. they count flipping burgers and spitting on fries as manufacturing. but McFacturing isn't real.
perhaps we have now reclassified "making excuses" as manufacturing activities.

I have yet to get a hang of these Post-Industrial Post-Modern Statistics...

other statistics and headlines:

MarketWatch: S&P 500 earnings likely to turn negative for first time since 2002.

link: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/stor...2F2787AFEB9%7D

MarketWatch: Bank of Japan keeps lending rate steady at 0.5%

quote: "The BoJ's policy board voted 8-1 to keep the overnight lending rate at 0.5%, marking the fourth straight month the policy board failed to reach a unanimous decision.
The announcement was released in a statement published on the BoJ's Website Thursday afternoon. Board member Atsushi Mizuno voted against motion."

link: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/stor...2642E240A7D%7D

from CNN money: "The cost of the subprime crisis continues to mount on Wall Street. To date, the total stands at nearly $20 billion."

link: http://money.cnn.com/2007/10/05/news...ef=patrick.net

Deutsche Bank to Write Off About $3.12B (New York Times, October 4)

link: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/busi...=1&oref=slogin

From Bloomberg: "Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Existing home sales this year probably will fall to a five-year low, worse than forecast, signaling the U.S. housing market is far from hitting bottom.

New-home sales may decline 24 percent to a 10-year low of 804,000 and existing home sales will fall 11 percent, the National Association of Realtors said in a news release today. It was the 10th time this year the Chicago-based group lowered some part of its monthly housing and economic forecast."

link: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...efer=worldwide

from thestreet.com: "Bear Stearns (BSC - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating) set plans Wednesday to cut 310 jobs in its mortgage business in the latest round of firings tied to the sharp decline of the U.S. housing market.

Bear said in a press release that it will combine its Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage and Encore Credit units into a single business under the name Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage. The New York-based bank said it has slashed its mortgage-origination workforce by 40% this year."

link: http://www.thestreet.com/s/bear-stea...9.html?puc=_dm

October 5, Bloomberg: "U.S. Consumer Borrowing Up $12.2 Billion in August"

link: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...Gqr84&refer=us

October 4, Bloomberg: "U.S. Aug. factory orders fall 3.3%, biggest since Jan. Orders for non-durable goods down 1.6%; durables' drop unrevised at 4.9%"

link: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/stor...D&siteid=yhoof

random numbers:


da bear on Canada: canada is cold. canada raking in the money these days. the Loonie is nearly on par with the Dollar.

but you know what they say, the Loonie can remain strong, longer that the US dollar can remain solvent.

Ben Zimbabwenke opened up the money spigots in order to leave no market left behind. but markets did get left behind. those markets are no in lost and found. Leave no markets in lost and found left behind?

A funny thing happened on the way to hyperinflation...
Stocks and gold are stalling out,
credit and housing are falling out.

joe black pop quiz of the day.

America is turning into:

A. etroit
B. etroit
C. etroit
D. etroit

Da Bear On Bonds:

There are two major rating industries for bonds (that I know about). they put letters and numbers next to the ticker symbols of the companies listed on the stock exchange. From what I hear the bond rating business (kickbacks, cocaine, hookers, private jets, espionage, sabotage, jumbo shrimp) is very lucrative. And those two companies that make the money putting bond ratings on corporations are and Moody's Standard and Poors. So I hope to get in on that action.

I will call myself Moody and Poor. Very Happy

and here are my initial bond ratings with my ranking scale attached.

Triple Eh. (pronounced triple A). This is for high quality bonds. this is for Canada.

KKK. this is for companies without the best prospects but who always surprise. they are poor, fat, and dumb but they know people. they got friends in low places. and knowin' friends in low places is huge in high finance. KKK rated companies have no apparent source of income, live at home, therefore have a crappy basement corporate headquarters. ... and their CEO's are generally white and pasty, except for their teeth which are decidedly unwhite and unpasty, but they always have rallies. always. every weekend. and twice on Sunday. even though, as far as profits go they are never in the black.

KKK-. this is for companies that are rated slightly lower than KKK companies. the also have poor prospects. (ever since they closed the dang-ole government-issue shoe lace factory, I ain't had me no job!) KKK- rated companies always try to rally, and at least reorganize but they always fail. For one, unlike KKK rated companies, this companies lack FBI informants making regular dues payments.

Ground Zero. this is for corporations that suck. they also have low yields due to egregious mispricing of risk. they are, for lack of a better word, low yield junk bonds. See Uh-mericuh.

ZZZ. Pronounced Triple Z. completely worthless. an utter disaster. noted by a hyperinflationary monetary position. See Zimbabwe. But if ZZZ rated companies ever get it together they can really give you a huge profit. See definition of Dishyperinflation (hyperinflation at a decreasing rate).

This is da bear. This is da bear on bonds. any questions?


(Zimbabwe Report will not be issued this week, due to lack of paper...) Laughing

Obamababwe vows to put a "kingdom here on earth." i say, Empire Kingdom of Zimbabwe States of America! or just plain Obama Nation for short.

link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,300257,00.html

so Obama is not only an empty blackwhite suit he is also the Anti-Christ! that's gotta count for something! but in the democratic primary it probably counts less that you might think... how can Hillary top that??? will she pay to actually promise to give gay transgender pedophile illegal mexican immigrant child laboring latino anti-christos $5,000 each to build this man-made kingdom on Earth?

wait, she probably needs to up the amount of Hillarybucks to $5,002 because Denny "Grand Slam" Kucinich promises to give each of those "disadvantaged" spawns of Satan $5,001.

If you think that the democratic nomination, the race to nowhere, the freeway to fear, the road to ruin, the disinformation superhighway to superbad place looks more and more like "Price is Right: Hell Edition," you are correct sir. because it is. and bob barker is dead. no, no he is not really dead. he just quit. BOB BARKER IS DEAD. LONG LIVE BOB BARKER. if bob barker is alive today, he would roll over in his grave and take a spin of that big wheel thingie...

but i think that Rod Roddy is dead. he was on the Price is Right. but Rowdy Rodham Clinton is alive. and she is on the new Price is Right: Hell Edition.

Ohmigodijad spoke at Columbia the other day. that weirdo, skinny Muslim anti-Christ. and Iraq Hussein Osama felt left out. so Obama sin Laden scared the shit out of every thinking man in America. so he is gonna build a kingdom on Earth. probably look like Zimbabwe or the South Side of Chicago, or worse yet, the South Side of Zimbabwe. and as i called Barrack-qaedda in an earlier thread, the obaminator is now Obamadinjad!

Obama will no rail against the hot weather in October and the considerable lack of foliage. "leave no leaves left behind," sayeth the Anti-Christ.

"Leave no slogans left behind"

Other great Obama slogans:

"Leave no lefty left behind!"

"Leave no ethnicity left behind!" -- great for explaining his own racial identity, or lack of identity

"Up with highs! Down with lows!"

"the only thing we have to fear, is the fear of running out of platitudes..."

"I am a speaker, hear me speak!"

"What's the difference between Osama bin Laden and Barrack Obama? Well, Osama bin Laden's middle name ain't Hussein." -- Barrack Hussein Obama trying to pick up that lucrative, coveted Detroit Metropolitan Area Chapter of Al-Qaeda vote.

"My name is O'Bama!" -- Barrack Hussein Obama trying to appeal to Irish Americans.

"I'm not really a black man, but I play one in front of congregations at black churches."

Barrack-O-Bama Meter just hit 777! Laughing

Obama is opposite campaign speaker man. he writes his own speeches but leaves everything else up to other people...

he is a paler, pastier, whiter version of Tony Robbins.

"... i came i saw i campaigned." --More Obama.

he came from humble roots. from Hawaii??? and private schools? he went to Columbia. i bet he slummed it there...

his ancestor had an MBA, master of black Africans.

his ancestor owned slaves...

Mister-O-bama now leases cheap mexican house cleaners...

"I am a speaker! Hear me roar!" -- Obama speaking about Obama, from soon-to-be-released book OBAMA: The Autobiography of Obama written by Obama.

help elect Obama sin Laden. he could be the first president to be on the business end of a drive by shooting.

Thomas Jefferson had bastard children blacker than him. and so did William Jefferson Clinton.

the only person with a big black booty running in the democratic field is Rowdy "did i mention that one of my husband's booty calls is black?" Rodham Clinton.

Obama has lots of money that other people have given him. food stamps, welfare. Obama is the welfare queen of America...

Senator WhiteBlack. i dont wanna be president on your color tv, or on your black and white tv. i wanna be president on your cafe latte mocha cappucino tall skinny half white black man president! basically i wanna be your president when Starbucks starts making tvs!

Walking Quota Obama!

what would an obama bank run or iran run or a coin shop run look like? run fast like a black man, walk like an old white man?

dude would jog. obama bank jog... Laughing

More on Obama. some of my best rants on Obama. so here is...

from September Rant:

The presidential race is heating up. Obama is still doing his thing. i hear his secret service nickname is "black helicopter." he is going for the angry white black man vote. thats a huge vote. and he is kinda young too. so he will do really great with the angry white black man youth vote. He is gonna carry the Cosby Show vote! Laughing

from july Rant:

British stooges get lotsa cash, and Obama sin Laden is no exception. The liberal blogosphere out on the left coast is, like, buzzin' over the half-calf tall venti grande ebony and ivory cafe ole Obama mocha frapuccino over at the Starbucks on Wilshire Blvd.

Plus he can speak. he is a great speaker. one of the best speakers actually. But Obama is not just one dimensional. He can speak and talk at the same time! So watch out Tony Robbins. Obama's tall creepy beige ass is catching up to your tall creepy white ass...

Even better, Barry Barrack Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo Obama appeals to both pseudo-Democrats, pseudo-Republicans, and pseudo-Independents. If you asked a geeky Stanford MBA with a bachelor's from Caltech who worked at North America Toyota's marketing department, he would say that Obama has good "crossover" appeal. Like a hybrid, or a Prius, or that Scion contraption. He knows how to avoid a plethora of subjects and equivocate on numerous policy issues. (Perhaps he couldn't quite make the cut as a real estate guru?) He understands that Global Warming is the Holy Grail of Political Pseudo-causes, and plays well in middle America when it is July and ******* hot as hell. He can offer lofty, empty platitudes not only in English, but also in Ebonics and 3 obscure African tribal dialects.

He's not Right, he's not even Left. He's not white, he's not even Black. Candidate-bama passes the enviro-friendly, organic, trans-fat free, baby seal free, recycled Paper Bag Test with, ummm, flying "colors."

Leave No Lefty Left Behind Brother Obama!!!

and from my April Da Bear Report:

Senator Obama graduated from North American Union Community College with a degree in Runnin Fo Prezidint. FYI: North American Union Community College does not offer a degree in that and did not want to give Mr. Obaminator a degree in that but you can't tell that MoFo nuthin man! So he has is ass-ociates degree to go along with his GED. One of his honky profs said that "Obama speaks so well!" So the man has that going for him. Obama is still Runnin Fo Prezidint which is evident by the fact that he stole The Complete Idiot's Guide to Runnin Fo Prezidint from the library.
Senator Obama's position is that he wants to be president. And he could win. Oprah has even helped Obama with his new book, The Audacious Audacity of Audaciousness.

...if yogi berra obama were alive today he would say "it's deja-bama all over again."

that concludes the Best O'Bama and the entirety of THE OBAMA REPORT (Leave No ReportObama Left BehindObama?).

stay tuned next month for Obamarama!... Very Happy

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"My job is a decision-making job. And as a result, I make a lot of decisions. And itís important for me to have an opportunity to speak to you and others who would be listening about the basis on which I have made decisions, to explain the philosophy behind some of the decisions I have made.." --George W. Bush, The Decider, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 3, 2007