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If this ends up being true, and a LOT of metal is "missing", I expect some sililar businesses to experience some blowback -- and safe manufacturers to do a better biz!


"The Reserve Vault in Brisbane, used by wealthy to store gold and valuables, at centre of allegations of misappropriation and dodgy business practices. "
Great by-line and I couldn't agree more. As economies start to deteriorate and business models start to fail, the temptation will be great to "help yourself" to privately stored pm's. Just like at MF Global, the execs will blame the "missing stuff" on bad internal controls that led to the "unfortunate" bankruptcy of the company and swear they have no idea where it all went. I doubt there will be much sympathy from government investigative agencies who will fain outrage, but secretly figure that these ignorant, misguided goldbugs got what they deserved by hording the barbaric relics in the first place.