"For everything, there is a season."
I have none of your insight or knowledge of the players on the stage, but it seems to me that Black may be at an age to act as eminence grise, not an participant. In his public face, he does not seem the pedant to me, nor does Stockman, though both are confident. They must be to speak out. Was Stockman "weak" in quitting, or was he pushed out? I surely don't know.
To compare either to Ben Stein is to believe that their arguments are as empty. I think the comparison is inapt, and not representative of you.
On a separate note, if the wise men of Europe can talk themselves to solvency, I will be impressed. And why not we Americans? I once believed that TPTB would never allow this to happen. That cost me dearly.
I have wondered why, when you bought gold, you didn't go into euro sovereign debt (German) instead of US treasuries when you saw the decline begin. You have been so good at seeing the big picture.