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A favorite bumper sticker slogan of mine: "Pro-Life? How many kids have you adopted?"
There are lots of children from problem families available---check your county department of social services. Amazingly, there are families willing to take in these children, who are likely to be mentally, emotionally, and in some cases physically handicapped. It's called love. I think these anti-abortion people should adopt one of the problem children. We decided we did not have enough love to adopt one of these children. Certainly, late stage fetuses are viable. That is a strictly technical question, and a poor criterion for abortion. It is probably based on the medieval idea of "quickening". It was considered wrong to abort after the fetus had observable signs of life. We should remember that 50% or more of fertilized eggs spontaneously die. The ones that happen later are called "miscarriage". These are the result of gene replication errors, developmental errors, etc. However, the process is very imperfect and in some cases infants are born dead or terminally deformed. In some cases we can keep them alive but their life is severely impacted (hydro encephalitis). In the case of a drug addict, it may be the woman's fault that the embroyo is malformed, but somebody still has to take care of that baby. Are you willing to do it? Do you think the mother will give the baby a good life? I think the reality is that abortion is in some cases the most humane thing to do.