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Thread: IMF encourages Europe's economic suicide

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    "The world dropped the ball."... I think not!

    The Europeans: a.) failed to pay their debts; b.) had a great party on other nations' money; c.) had central banks intent on keeping money too plentiful, too cheap, and for too long; and.......... d.) let green planners tell the public that they could live off of wind and solar power, along with high density city planning, high taxes and outrageous rents/home prices, forever.

    Sound like California now????????????

    Just witnessing what is happening right now, as I write this post, the bubble on the West Coast, especially in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area looks exactly like the bubble in Europe.......... Too much debt, too much cheap money, too much speculation, too many bail-outs and for too long, too much wishful thinking, too much taxation, outrageous home prices, outrageous rents, too much density in city planning, outrageous homeowners' dues, outrageous utility rates, almost nothing built, nothing planned, no money to do anything with, endless and ridiculous regulations, idiots in control, and almost nothing produced in energy..... It's windmills and solar panels, green planning, and a big bunch of nothing..... It's the UK, Club Med, Europe's Arc of Depression, British Columbia, and the entire West Coast of America.
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