Let's look at Ghent12's latest effort to defend the multi-national corporation.

Assertion 1: The use of Top Percentile of Income Share and Wage Share of National Income is worthless.

Certainly I can agree that there are circumstances where this is meaningless, but frankly your failure to use any actual numbers means that your complaint is suffering from the same problem.

Let's see some actual numbers: What is the inflation adjusted income growth in Canada in the past 30 years?

Well, the direct numbers aren't easily available to me. But there are all sorts of indicators elsewhere:


lower half wage growth world.png

According to this - Canada lags even the US in lower half wage growth for 25 years.

Sure, Canada has grown - no one disputes that. However, when the economy grows x%, but wages grow x/y%, clearly something funny is going on.

Thus to the root of your comment: lives are better in Canada. Agree.

But the article didn't say that lives were worse. It said that the post NAFTA growth in the economy has been mostly expropriated by the multinational corporations rather than 'trickling down' to the majority of the population of Canada.