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Free condoms are readily available for poor. These women wanting the pill are taking a huge risk by not using condoms with the growth of STDs.

Why does no one mention the payment for protection responsibility of the male partner? There is also a risk to of STDs for the male too. It's only a couple of hundred bucks a year between two people, for a product that can readily be obtained for free from local governments.

This entire charade is a manufactured political ploy to influence a large voting bloc.
A lot of women who take the pill aren't sexually active. For those who are, there are better forms of birth control, both hormonal and barrier methods, for women to take than the pill. I would say at least half of women who are on the pill are trying to regulate their periods or have some sort of condition that they're treating with bc pills. If you're just not wanting to get pregnant and don't worry about the moral issues associated with chemical bc, then you're probably going to choose something like an IUD, depo, nuva ring or patch where you don't have to worry about taking a pill at the exact same time every day.