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I profoundly disagree with this statement.
We've had this disagreement before.

The underlying problem is that we have been restricted to the creation of jobs that satisfy the needs of a very small minority; Venture Capitalists and the like.
Yes, jobs are created by those who can pay salaries to their employees. How else would it work?

You say Venture Capitalist like it's a dirty word. You want funding but dislike those who provide it?

Most VC's want to satisfy the needs of the majority, because that's where the most money is.

If everyone with the gumption to get up and go were funded...
...untold amounts of wealth would be squandered by people with hare-brained business plans spending money that isn't theirs.

Resources are limited. Deciding which deserve funding is part of the function of "Venture Capitalists and the like".
We simply cannot get our hands on funding.
On the very site you're posting on, there are many millionaires/accredited investors who want to put their money to productive use and make a profit. You're a select member - look around. EJ has been providing a service to these members by helping to find suitable investments. The whole site is basically here (imho) to provide insight into why/how certain investments will do well in the future. And while many are happy to hold gold and treasuries, not everyone is. Look around some more, there are many who are actively searching out investments in business ventures.

I can't help but feel that you have had a bad personal experience trying to get funding for some pet project. So you extrapolate that the whole system is broken and no business ventures are being funded. Sorry if I'm way off, but I don't see why else you would keep making these claims.