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sometimes i think that i think too much, and too often, about this stuff. marc faber has written that, in retrospect, you only had to make an investment decision about every 10 years. in 1960 you bought american equities. in 1970 you sold them and bought oil and gold. in 1980 you switched to japanese equities. in 1990 you switched to u.s. equities. and in 2000? ah, there's the rub. my guess- commodities and precious metals. if i had to pick just one asset type, that's what i pick, and again it parallels the 70's. and again i think of jesse livermore's remark that it's easy to be right, but hard to sit tight. richard russell, too, is basically saying buy gold [and some oil stocks] and sit tight. don't even bother to follow its price movement. just buy it, put it away, and forget it, except if you want to add more from time to time.
jK, as some someone who professes not to be a trader, your opening sentence above must be correct; however, there are those whom I cannot think of to quote that say the market these days is not a buy and hold market. Trying to be on the right side of swings certainly demands a lot of attention and wears me out, but making long term bets either way and trying to sit back is unbearable for me. You need to go to work and think about something more important for a while. Blue Monday, if that applies this coming week.