More than a decade after this thread was started, Saudi Arabia, even with it's celebrity "reformer ()" Crown Prince, continues to be a source of amusing material. Who knows maybe the fawning Friedman might write an Op Ed column on such remarkable progress in our now flat world?

Saudi Women Will Now Be Informed of a Divorce Via Text

Aristos Georgiou
“Women in the kingdom will be able to view documents related to the termination of their marriage contracts through the ministry’s website,” the spokesperson added.

It is hoped that the changes to the law will mean that women are no longer be kept in the dark about their marital status.

“This is a very excellent service because previously there have been many cases in which women are divorced without knowing their status,” Saudi lawyer Bayan Zahran told a local television channel, the Financial Times reported. “It is one of her most basic rights to be informed if the husband divorces her.”...