Yup, where else can you learn how to run a good scam than from your Dad.


Early life and education

Holmes was born in February 1984 in Washington, D.C. Her father, Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, worked at Enron[3] as well as in the United States, Africa, and China in governmental agencies such as USAID.[4] Her mother, Noel Anne (Dauost),[5] worked as a congressional committee staffer. She has a brother, Christian Holmes V, who is the director of product management at Theranos.

Her parents' work in disaster relief encouraged Holmes to pursue science and service early in her life.[6] When Holmes was nine, her family moved to Houston and then China, where—she later claimed—she started a business selling C++ compilers to Chinese universities.[7][8] Growing up, her family moved frequently, which made it challenging for Holmes to make close friends.[5] In a 2014 interview, she described herself growing up as having been a "happy loner."[5]

After graduating from St. John's School in Houston in 2002, Holmes enrolled at Stanford University to study chemical engineering, but she left Stanford after 2 years before completing her undergraduate degree.[9]