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I am still trying to figure out where all this leads, but as I watch the antics of the young Saudi Prince I become more convinced his ego is driving him to out-Mohammed, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the "rock star" former Crown Prince and now Emir of Dubai. Its been a long time since I have witnessed such a concerted reputation shaping media campaign so filled with mountains of utter bullshzt.

For generations Saudi Arabia has been one of the most insulated, isolated, medieval societies on the face of the earth. Technology producer...

Like you I'm a skeptic of MBS when he seized and exorted from the princes but his idea of pushing technology in Saud Arabia is not an impossible move.

For the following reason, there are many cases of authoritarian governments and conservative societies where given enough government support and money, it is possible to have some form of technology industry.

1. Technology talents, programmers and engineers can be recruited from South Asia, which already supplies a lot of professionals to the Gulf states.
2. Technology is male dominated and this fits well with the Saudi society.
3. Technology is usually non-political and non-religious and won't conflict with the Saudi system.
4. Technology has no physical form so you only see the end result and not the "medieval" society that creates it.
5. Technology jobs are generally comfy office jobs and fits well with the Saudi weather and Saudi citizenry.
6. The Internet works well in the Middle East and can involve the entire society, there is no male-female division.