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What our economic policy makers need is an external driver for policies that produce both an output surplus and politically justifiable inflation.

So, why not try some new thinking; already set out in a detailed plan; in part, built upon the long term debate created here on iTuilip? I must add that I keep getting invited to seminars and people seem to both understand the principles and support what I have proposed. http://www.chriscoles.com/page5b.html a simple plan designed to create 30 million new jobs through the creation of ~ 6 million new very small enterprises that, applied to the US would inject $2.25T entirely through new job creation.

With frequent visits to seminars in London, it is only recently that I have started to catch up with my visit to the OECD Forum 2014 meeting where I did get to talk to a lot of people and where, in one of the largest sessions, Economic Outlook Debate, I got to my feet and made a short speech before asking my question. You will find it here

If you move the slider to 1:08:00 you will be able to watch the start of the questions from the audience, and I come into view at about 1:11:00. I must add that as you can see, they had a camera full on to me rather than from behind. (Indeed, it was turned towards me for some time as I kept my hand in the air for a very long time to get myself noticed).

So; why not?