I attended this conference.

Fairly small, but it was a very interesting attendee group.

Major points:

1) Apps are vital to sales of mobile hardware. While big numbers are bandied about regarding payments to app developers, these numbers average out to about $12 per iDevice vs the iDevice itself netting hundreds of dollars of revenue to the hardware manufacturer.

2) Games comprise the majority of apps as well as revenue

3) The App world is already largely static - the turnover within the top 100 rankings is very low pointing towards a fundamental discovery/marketing/business model chokepoint

4) Hardware performance - including OS tuning - is increasing at a very rapid rate, much faster than hardware itself.

5) Mobile is garnering more internet time than traditional internet, although at least some of this is because of the ubiquity of smart phones in terms of access

Some of the more worthwhile presentations:


These presentations are still in the process of being posted; I'll add others of note as they become available.