What tools does the fed use to do this? Buy every last treasury security, so the gvt gets to borrow all the money it wants at no interest? Then I suppose gvt spending would pump up GDP. With the gvt buying food and fuel and concrete etc, etc, either directly or indirectly, does not this add to inflation pressures? Infinite money
chasing finite goods.

With coporate intermediate and long rates very low, I don't see how lowering rates is going to get them to borrow, spend and expand. I don't think interest rates are the limiting factor.
It's a shortage of worthwhile projects.

If we need to increase GDP to say 4% y-o-y, we are running around 2% now, that means the gvt borrow another 300B a year and the fed monitizing it. This assumes a non gvt increas of 2% a year and not another slide back into recession.