The following is a response to xPat's EJ, you are WAY out of line here! :-) post on one of EJ's threads.

My response is waay too far out for that thread, so I am posting it here, over in Rand and Rave, where it will feel more comfortable, with but a link to this post from EJ's thread

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Can you think of any reason to assume this time will be different? I hate to say it, but so far as I can see, the way this works is that when a system gets as screwed up as ours has [again] become, the ONLY way it ever gets worked out is by a full "system reset" effectuated by world war. But this time truly is different: In all the previous historical cases, nuclear weapons hadn't been invented yet.

Am I missing something, or does this all end in WWIII?

Another possibility, instead of WWIII, that will seem really too far out to most everyone here: a faked alien invasion, but real enough to be very scary at the time. Think 9/11, times ten, with UFO craft doing things your college physics book says can't be done. Such could provide the galvanizing impetus for a global governance and monetary reset. As best as I can figure, the (human) black ops programs have the technology means to accomplish this.