California - Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offers Standard Offer Power Purchase Agreements (SOPPA) for a total of 20 MW of photovoltaic installations, of which up to 4 MW can be small projects. Applications will be accepted from February 1 to June 28. The LADWP program pays US$0.17/kWh. The payments per kWh are based on the base price energy (BPE) multiplied by the Time of Delivery Multipliers in the table below.

Time High Peak
Mon - Fri (1pm - 5pm)
Low Peak
Mon - Fri (10am - 1pm)
Mon - Fri (5pm - 8pm)
Base Load
Mon - Fri (8pm - 10am)
Sat - Sun (all day)
High Season
(Jun - Sep)
2.25 multiplier 1.10 multiplier 0.50 multiplier
Low Season
(Oct - May)
1.30 multiplier 0.90 multiplier 0.50 multiplier
In contrast:

Designed to hang beneath the chassis of the Mercedes Sprinter Van, this flexible unit will deliver 3000 watts prime power in any application, from trucks to motor coaches. This single cylinder workhorse delivers maximum performance while using less than a quart of fuel per hour at a full load.
In other words, a PV install in Los Angeles gets paid $0.3825 per kwh, while the diesel generator above - assuming $4/gallon - costs less than $0.3333 per kwh.

If you contrast this with actual PG & E prices, the contrast is even more ridiculous. Peak PG & E price for electricity ranges well into the $0.90 range.