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For instance, I presume that there are about four times as many Chinese who have my basic cognitive ability as there are Americans, but most haven't had the opportunity to train to the Ph.D. level
Good thread and discussion.

I just wanted to point out that there are more than 4 Chinese for every one of you or me - the demographic differences when considering population, education preferences, etc lead to a much higher ratio.

Then there's India...

Another good point is that volume growth is not predicated on engineering talent growth. The corollary I drew from this conclusion long ago is that the offshoring we are seeing in the technical fields (and now increasingly finance) is not due to a lack of talent or inability to deliver, it is a pure cost reduction play.

This again feeds into my thesis that the multi-nationals who offshore are really just disintermediating the local economy where there former employees worked - not actually creating any new value.

While this is perfectly understandable from a selfish corporate perspective - it is not a net gain from a societal or governmental perspective.