Lots of interesting ideas there Starving Steve - You'll find some people agree with you on some of them and others don't (Natch).

With regard to Prechter? No use beating a dead horse. That one's got flies buzzing around it here, although there are one or two erudite (and occasionally spooky) Prechter apologists among us, who do exhibit bursts of genius once in a while in that direction. Get's you worrying. But worry is good, so don't worry be happy etc. ?? :confused:

Wouldn't it be a crashing bore though, if every last one of us really thought all of Prechter's issues were a "dead horse"? Variety is the spice of life. Without variety, we are fit only to bore everyone else to tears, or to sleep.

BTW - don't EVER get Metalman started on Robert Prechter or he'll bend your ear worse than anything you can imagine. Metalman imported the animated "flogging a dead horse" symbol around here too, but that's anopther story. If you ever even mention Prechter, he'll start flogging the poor critter all over again.

Welcome to the dysfunctional (occasionally savant) iTulip zoo!