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But not when I'm not on it.
True. But not having a cell phone doesn't protect you from city/state/federal/private video cameras.

If you're so worried - actually a smart phone is better than a regular cell phone. As noted above, you can put the phone on 'airplane mode' after which the cell tower and wifi tracking ceases. You cannot do that with a regular cell phone unless you turn it off.

It doesn't protect you from satellites.

It doesn't protect you from other people with smartphones - your friends and relatives.

It doesn't protect you when you drive around and the intersection cameras snap your license plate.

Do you use an ATM? All ATM's have cameras and take a snapshot every time you use them.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for personal privacy.

Its just that - barring government regulation - you cannot get it these days unless you retire to become a hermit in Idaho.