Originally thought about putting this in Traders Corner, but it really doesn't fit.

SodaStream (SODA) sells seltzer makers. They also sell flavor packs (cola, energy, root beer, etc) and CO2 recharges. The company has decent, but slowing market penetration in Europe and has been moving into the US.

My wife bought one of these and is completely hooked. First, you get fresh seltzer water whenever you want it. Tastes better and fresher than anything you get from the store. She drinks it without flavoring, I prefer the energy packets which are far, far cheaper than Red Bull!

Also, you re-use the same containers for the water which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Stock got pounded recently and I'm considering adding a position. Nothing to really do with the iTulip thesis, but thought I'd put it out there.

And if nothing else, might want to consider one. Takes mixed drinks to an entirely new level!