For those who know me, I'm not a butt patter. I speak my mind and I never have a problem being contrary to the local powers that be.

I am also not a gold bug. Even if fiat money falls, I don't necessarily see gold as the correct alternative. I am also not much of a bear, being generally optimistic about how things will turn out. However..

Credit has to be given where credit is due. Things are playing out very closely to how Eric laid it all out. He predicted economic crisis around complicated leveraged funds and he was right.

Of course, a lot of people called that, but Eric took it a step further and put himself squarely behind what's happening now. He predicted Ka, which with a 40% chance of 4.25 fed funds in December, looks like it's starting to happen precisely as he described.

The story isn't over yet, and I'm not sure Gold is the correct "poom" investment, but I can tell you that when Eric speaks, I'm certainly listening a lot more carefully these days.