Sometimes, for a few seconds, I catch myself pretending Bernanke cares about Americans, that he took his oath of office (if he actually has to take one) seriously.

His goal is to weaken the dollar and deflate the debt, just as EJ has described. This allows for America to continue on.

The problem is, it is not easy to weaken the dollar yet maintain the current world order. And, there are some great benefits to having an over-valued dollar. He can buy tons of treasuries. The Japanese kept their economy going for the past 20 years. Why not the USA?

So, the trick is to weaken the dollar as slowly as possible while printing as much as possible. You got to admit, he is doing a darn good job. The dollar is about at the same level that it was a few years ago, and yet he has printed trillions.

We must be coming to a market crash. I am feeling better about the future.