All this is very helpful toast, Kadriana, and c1ue; thanks very much.

I need to do some figurin' using the government solar data and try again to squeeze more info out of my neighbor, who is strangely unwilling to share info about his system (I'm in a row of townhouses that are technically freestanding, with 2" gaps, and he's about four down from me).

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Did you also figure at least a 3% return on invested cash? This significantly affects projections on rate hikes and payback time. It was wise to ignore feedin tariffs.
Nope, didn't. Will now.

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4) Security and protection. I'd budget for at least a little extra infrastructure to protect your investment, unless you're the type that literally never leaves home.
I was figuring the height (3 story building) would insure me, but perhaps I'll rethink.