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Do you know of any good (free or affordable) software tools to look at investments over time? Let me elaborate: It seems to me most of the online brokerages I have seen like Fidelity and Vanguard only give you annual statements (or maybe quarterly) that show you the returns on the stock/bond/fund itself and perhaps on your holding as well, which may or may not account for withdrawals, dividend and other distributions etc. Further they do not usually have indices like a US dollar index nor do they have the ability to graph alongside a barrel of oil or oz of gold. Does that make sense?

It would be very useful to also graph hypotheticals like if I owned this group of investments, how have they performed year to year with a $x investment made in year 20xx?

I have heard some people use spreadsheets but is there a better way? If I use spreadsheets where is the best place to download data from? For example this was discussed before though it seems the comments were related both to expense/budget tracking and investments:

I have been using the online portfolio management tool called Icarra (http://www.icarra.com/). I don't know all the features since I don't update my portfolio that regularly and don't spend a lot of time on the website, but I think it can do almost everything you are looking for and it's free.