At a home party last night, and one person I met was a 2 man team from Texas who work for AT & T.

These two gentlemen are working on the rollout of the next generation AT & T wireless network.

What was interesting wasn't the work itself - they basically just go around, find a specific cell tower, then install the new radios via a computerized set of instructions.

What was interesting was that the one gentleman I talked to and his comments on what is going on: he's 50 years old, only graduated high school, and feels there is something very wrong going on.

He notes that in the '80s, you could make money if you were willing to work hard.

Today, it is totally different. He busts his a** (his words) and isn't getting anywhere. An example: he drove 130 miles that same day (Saturday) and spent 4 hours digging through forest on a hill to find one particular cell tower. Between getting '1099'd (i.e. contractor) and paucity of health care benefits - which again he contrasted with the '80s - life is quite tough.

He expects to spend about 2 years rolling out the above mentioned upgrades to the 127,000 AT & T cell tower network in the California region, and not more than 2 or 3 months in any one spot. Said spot being where he leaves his bag of clothes and possessions - since as noted previously he spends almost all his time on the road.

What was interesting was that he doesn't vote at all: he thinks all politicians on all sides are lying and aren't there to represent him. He thinks the economic situation is due to outsourcing to China. He thinks the Chinese are going to invade us and take our oil - which we aren't even drilling for to use ourselves.
He thinks the American middle class is doomed and/or extinct.

Perhaps J6P isn't as oblivious as many on iTulip think - he's just too busy trying to stay afloat.