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Interesting how this BBC story talks about not one, but 3 different inconvenient facts:

1) Cold weather regularly destroys ozone - 25% in typical cases and 40% this year
2) Despite the Montreal protocol in 1987 - ozone levels are not recovering
3) Arctic temperatures are falling

This is extremely interesting given the very cold winters in the '70s...yes exactly during the 'ozone hole' scare.

Don't know if this qualifies as a conspiracy theory, but definitely a Hmmmm

originally via: http://www.iceagenow.com/Cold_weathe...the_Arctic.htm


I think there is a lot of rubbish being pushed out there by the media (red herrings) Ozone depletion and global warming are such examples. We are told that scientists believe this and believe that so it must be true. It’s about time we started analyzing what we have been told as fact. We need to question things instead of believing every thing we have been told.

Ozone in the atmosphere is created by the action of sunlight hitting oxygen. It is totally natural. We were told in the seventies that man made chemicals were depleting ozone levels and creating holes in the ozone which will never grow back. Well the holes in the ozone gets bigger and smaller naturally, it is a fact.

Did you ever wonder why the holes in ozone are situated in the north and south poles? Shouldn’t they be hovering over the most polluting areas of the earth? Like Europe, China and the United States where industrial pollution is at its worst?

I will give you a hint; if the sunlight gets weaker you get less ozone. That’s right the area of the earth that gets the least sun light is in the north and south poles. If you shine a torch light at an apple in the dark, you will notice that the light at the centre (equator) is the brightest, and the weakest at the edges. Since the earth is always spinning the north and south poles are constantly getting the weakest light. This is where the holes in the ozone are situated as expected. The earth is forever affected by our solar system and the properties of our universe.

What I am saying to you is that the changes we are seeing on earth are not man made but natural. Don’t let the media decide how you think.