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    Greetings iTulipers,

    When I was recently interviewed about PCO Investing on Jim Puplava's Financial Sense Newshour, I wasn't able to go into nearly as much detail as I would have liked about my views on PCO investing strategies. The reason was that Jim was concerned that the material would be too advanced for his (mostly retail) audience, and wanted to focus much of the discussion on re-stating an explanation of Peak Oil itself.

    Jim's hesitation to get too technical on a show intended for retail investors was certainly understandable. But wanting to get the message out in better detail, I set out to make my own two-part video series about PCO investing. The purpose of this thread is to pre-release a very sloppy version of these videos, and solicit feedback on the content from the iTulip community.

    UPDATE 2-3-10: The first draft had really awful video quality. The second draft has now been posted and is better, although I still need to add some finishing touches. Please note there are TWO videos at this link. You have to select the video you want to see at the bottom of the player.

    The first video explains what Peak Oil is all about, makes the case for why it's real and coming soon to an economy near you, and why you should take it seriously. This is mostly old news to iTulipers, but I'd still love your feedback on how it "plays" if you have time to watch it. The second video should be of much greater interest to iTulipers, and details my crude oil price forecast, then goes into detail on several specific trading strategies for PCO speculators.

    When I read the final draft scripts, the material seemed tight, concise, and "engaging". I was quite pleased. But frankly, watching the finished output (particularly video #1), it comes across boring as hell. I can't decide if it's really as bad as I think, or if I'm just sick of it because I've been immersed in thinking about it for two weeks. Candid, honest feedback is welcome. I'm tempted to just cut all the stuff about the role of oil in the economy out of Video #1, and go straight from the "I'm not an RIA" disclaimer to the margarita slide. I'm particularly interested in feedback on whether or not I should do that.

    Please let me know if you still can't read the graphics with this version. It looks much better than the first draft on MY screen, but your mileage may vary...

    And before anyone freaks out, YES, I did obtain EJ's prior permission before using his PCO Price Cycle graphics in the video.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback, and I hope you enjoy the videos. Again, most iTulipers who are already versed in PCO will find Video #2 most interesting.

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