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Jim when an insurance company rebuilds a destroyed home, do they go off the blueprints? How do they know what finishes you had? I ask in all seriousness.
My insurance company just cuts a check, they don't care how it's spent. I can blow the money in Vegas if I want.
I can insure the house for as little or as much as I want, as long as I don't go over what they think the house costs to rebuild.

There is a certain limit to how many "personal" items I'm covered for . . . clothes, computers, dishes, etc.
The value of any damage claims in this area needs to be verified, so I just went around the house, took photos of the open closets, tools, etc., then put them on a CD which I keep in my car (figuring that wouldn't be destroyed in a fire at the same time as the house).

My insurance company figures in cost of the foundation and septic system in with the "rebuild" costs. It's unlikely that I'd have to rebuild the septic system, or even the cement block foundation (although I understand that sometimes that can get damaged), so I always under-insure.
I use a $1000 deductible.

This has been my experience with all previous insurance companies.