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cold war as economic stimulus, anyone?
see post #1 of this thread, just over 3 years old.

China-Japan rearmament is Keynesian stimulus, if it doesn't go horribly wrong

ambrose evans-pritchard.....

It would soak up much of the Asian "savings glut" and the excess industrial capacity in China, and would help to narrow the perennial East-West trade gap.

This would be an answer of sorts to the West's "secular stagnation" – to use the term of former US treasury secretary Larry Summers – or the liquidity trap as others call it. But be careful what you wish for.


a better bet would be:

a moonshot-mission-critical design contest for the worlds best ENGINEERING talent (vs the rest of the posers tilting at windmills ) design a ONE-DESIGN next-gen nuke power system/plant - AND KRANK EM OUT BY THE THOUSANDS....

think about how many nagging 'inconvenient truths' this would address - IMHO, it could set off an EXPLOSION OF PROSPERITY the likes of which the free world has never known...

personally, i'm in the game with bet on CCJ