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Thread: RE and inflation: to buy or not to buy??

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    Default Re: RE and inflation: to buy or not to buy??

    Quote Originally Posted by thriftyandboringinohio View Post
    Amen, brother.
    I've seen people go bust when they start a business where they are expert at the technical work but turn out to be lousy businessmen at sales, customer service, bookkeeping, hiring, negotiating....

    I've seen others turn out like the small contractors you describe. They essentially bought themselves a lousy job with low pay and long hours.

    I suspect Jeff may have been including investing in smaller private businesses operated by others who ARE good entrepreneurs.
    Yep, that's me. I've had many people over the years tell me I ought to start my own business because I'm a technical wizard -- but I've known for years that the same maniacal focus that let's me resolve technical issues would absolutely suck at running a business. I'd let the thing implode while working on this really cool but honestly immaterial issue.... I make for a great lieutenant, right-hand dude, but in no way should I *ever* be given the tiller.... ;-)

    Know thyself....

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    Default Re: RE and inflation: to buy or not to buy - High Interest rate best time to buy??

    I'm with jpatter. I bought a house on 28 acres, including a lake 20 miles outside DC in 1995, and everyone tried to talk me out of it. Same for 5 acres of oceanfront in the Florida Keys in 1997. ("Nobody buys real estate. Hold onto that WorldCom stock". Sounds funny now, but I sold a LOT of WorldCom to buy those properties.) But by the time I sold them the same people who said I was crazy to sell said I was crazy to sell. Interest rates weren't an issue as they were both cash purchases.

    I still get funny looks now when I tell people I rent, but I expect that to change soon to looks of confusion, then envy.

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