If this is inappropriate, feel free to delete it. I am not trolling for investors, just making iTuliper's aware of this...

I will be speaking with someone in a few hours regarding purchasing into a limited group for Brasilian farmland. This is land already in production, will be growing cotton, and most importantly, it is to be run by an American operator and is "grandfathered" in under the recent ruling regarding foreign ownership of farmland in Brasil.

The purchase will be of an existing US LLC that owns an existing Brasilian coporation that owns the land, so all the legal issues are already long done. Should current cotton pricing remain, returns in the high singe to low double digits whould be easily attainable.

If anyone is interested in this kind of opportunity drop me a line with your email & I will pass it on. I am NOT part of the management group, I have NO vested interest in anyone joining up, I am just passing this along as a rare opportunity to get into a Brasilian farm group with a very good operator.

I do not know what their minimum investment is, but I would imagine at least $250k, but probably closer to $500k.