Ok...I've been a select member for less than 24 hours, but allow me a tentative question:

"If cash is King" in a deflationary environment such as our present impending "ka" circumstance...would not cash denominated in a quality currency be better than GOLD which may suffer deflationary commodity damage? (I know...fourth currency and all that, but it seems like gold is in a bit of a mania). How about Swiss franks or Norwegian Krone? Those that stayed out/above Wiemar madness did quite well if paid in foreign currency for instance.

My present allocation:
30% equities
10% precious metal
30% cash
30% bonds

Considering High-tailing it to:

30% equities
20% energy/industrial commodities
10% Responsible foreign currencies
10% Debt laden utilities
10% cash

Thank you for your thoughts,