there are two kinds of inflation in the world, real, and percieved. the Fed will most likely try to give a perception of inflation next, without the money printing, in an attempt to get people to spend. when that does not happen, i would expect the full on assault of money drops to begin -- full strafing runs with multiple waves of bombers and many trillions of tons of ordiannce. the US is f**kin' broke. period. the "easy out" is gonna be inflation -- steal from the creditors, steal from Social Security recipients, steal from everyone you ow a nickel to and who holds your currency "in reserve" like China and the Middle East. first we get to plunder their wealth in the form or energy and labor, then we get to plunder their wealth in the form of savings thru implicit debt default on the currency.

Is there any other out? can you see ANY politician attmpting to "get real" with the populace, raise taxes, lower spending, and tell those out in the cold to f**kin' bad? I think not.

to date th Fed has dumped massive funds into the system, only to have savings and the lack of velocity dry up all their efforts before the fruit of their labor could bloom. as things get worse, and the debt/GDP umbers keep heading in the wrong way, and the world stops turning a blind eye to the stealth monitization of UST's, I expect the floodgates to open.

who wants the US as a reserve currency anymore anyway? Chna? No. Russia? NO. Brasil? Nope. India? Nah. the EU? don;t think so. There si all this talk of SDR's but they cannot become "serious money" until there is a true dollar crisis. We can no longer continue to run structural deficits in the Triffin's Delimna much longer, so we will have to pass off the mantle somehow. Who better than a nameless, faceless org like the IMF and their SDR's to take up the slack in the future? No country, just banksters capable of stealing from everyone everywhere, and punishing those who speak up.

How can we not but get inflation again? Japan is "special" -- they get to borrow from themselves. We will not be so "special"...