here's a link to a column in the ny times by ben stein:

stein, a former speechwriter for richard nixon, columnist for the american spectator, guest on fox news business shows, professor at pepperdine university - these are not the hallmarks of a left wing radical. yet in this column he lambastes the obscene "compensation" of american ceo's, asking: "Is this America, where far too many of the rich endlessly loot their stockholders and kick the employees in the teeth, the America that our soldiers in Ramadi and Kirkuk and Anbar Province and Afghanistan are fighting for? Is this America, where we will end up so far behind the financial eight ball we won't be able to see because of mismanagement by both parties, the America that our men and women are losing limbs for, coming home in boxes for?"

if a conservative like stein is saying this, what must we have in store, poliically and socially?

it might be worth having a thread dedicated to sightings like these: media moments giving early flashes of what [we think] lies ahead. thus the thread title: "straws in the wind."